October Newsletter

As the first leaves begin to brighten and darken, I am noticing the places in my life that are catching my eye, and acknowledging these areas that need a little extra attention right now. Whether it be a corner of clutter that is waving at me, or a relationship that could use a bit more tending, I am inspired by the way the leaves make themselves known, announcing their transitions. I find myself in a place of inquiry with this seasonal shift, naturally taking some inventory of my life and noticing the places that may be ripe for a shift as well as the places are best left alone.

Lately I have been deeply moved by the power of sitting in circle and bearing witness. I have been reflecting and appreciating the many different kinds circles I have sat in. It is a privilege and an honor to be able to hold space for us to sit in circle as we share some of our connections with the natural world, ourselves and each other.

Join me this fall in noticing the changing leaves and fading light while we boost our immune systems and make way for a possible moment of liberation. Whether it be a half day retreat this week at the Arnold Arboretum, a multi-day retreat in mid October, a 3 week series in late fall, or a private integrative Toadstool Tarot Walk, I hope to see you this fall.

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