May Newsletter

Have you been to the Arnold Arboretum lately?  Why be a visitor when you can be a regular?  Or maybe you already are a regular.  I’ve been a regular visitor of the Arnold Arboretum for over 20 years but only in recent years did I become part of this community and I’m not just talking about the human community.  In addition to maintaining my membership with the Arboretum, I also am a member of this more-than-human family of trees, plants and many beings.  Maintaining a regular practice of forest therapy helps me re-member that I am nature and that there is so much to see, hear, feel, taste, smell and sense when I slow down long enough to notice. 

This May, in addition to guiding lots of walks, I will also be holding myself accountable to continue growing, learning and deepening into my own personal practice as a guide by attending an immersion with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy called Way Of The Circlein New Hampshire.  If you are interested in deep circle work, perhaps you’ll join me there!

So many options to go on a Toadstool Walk this season at the Arnold ArboretumMoose Hill Wildlife SanctuaryMuddy River Herbals Farm, and the Peabody Essex Museum

In June I’ll be at Franklin Park with the Emerald Necklace Conservancy (details coming soon!) and then at Mettabee Farm in Hillsdale, NY with Carrie Grossman for our daylong immersion: Songs Of The Wild!  This summer I’ll be doing Forest Bathing out on the Harbor Islands with Boston Harbor Now (details coming soon!) and in July I’ll be leaving the grid for a few weeks for a big life event that I’ll be writing about on my blog.  

I’m am so grateful for all your support of Toadstool Walks and your shared commitment to tending those relationships with our more-than-human kin.
In gratitude,