Research on Forest Therapy for Substance Recovery

I am so incredibly honored to be part of this research study. This is a dream of mine. In my deep dive into learning about the science of relaxation, I have become familiar with the ways in which somatic practices like yoga and meditation have been proven to be some of the most effective ways of healing trauma and stress disorders that often lead to addiction and depression. There is so much similarity in the plethora of research outlining the health impacts of Forest Therapy and yet there is much more research to be done in order for our human healthcare systems to take it seriously while not taking our lives and this Earth for granted.

Thru Forest Therapy, I have found deep and profound healing as a result of becoming aware of my own nature and building and tending relationships of reciprocity with the forests, trees, mountains, rivers and local urban parks. My perspectives have shifted as I continue to uncover all the ways in which we are interconnected. There are stories and identities I held tightly for decades that I now wear like a loose garment.

Forest Therapy Guides are not healers. We don’t prescribe outcomes and we work towards guiding in an agenda-free way. How you participate and what you get out of a session is different for everyone and welcome. Our open language is inherently informed and accessible. Forest Therapy has great healing potential as it is a practice of being in the sensation of aliveness by bringing our attention to being in our bodies thru our senses which can be a rare invitation these days where stress and numbness is the norm keeping us disconnected and addicted.

Please share and support this very important research project. By doing so, you are not only supporting my work as a Forest Therapy Guide, but you are also supporting infinite ripple effects of this potent healing potential for all: