Individual Walks

Individual Walks are one on one walks geared towards those who may be looking for more supportive one on one guidance.  These walks are Two Hours and are customized to support your personal inquiry and intention as you deepen your connection with nature.

These walks include an optional *Tarot Reading* near the end of the walk.  As a guide, I simply open the door and let the forest offer the therapy.

*Tarot Reading*

My approach to Tarot Reading is one of intuition integration.  I do not offer future predictions or provide answers to specific questions.  I believe the information that is relevant to our lives is available to us so long as we are present, tuned in and open to receiving it.  I get a lot of information from my own personal practice of Forest Therapy and spending time being open in the natural world.  Tarot is simply one of many tools I work with to gain clarity and perspective.  

If Tarot Readings are not for you, no problem! We can talk about other elements to bring in to your walk that may best support you and your inquiries.