Forest Bathing 4 Day Immersion June 6th-9th 2019

You are one connection away…
… from finding your tribe.
from trusting your intuition, exploiting your gifts, building bridges, creating communities and changing the world!
there are people out there looking for the exact medicine you can offer…
so put yourself out there and trust, you are just one connection away!

Annabel O’Neill

We all have something to offer as we all have unique gifts and talents.  But it can be a battle trying to figure out what they are and where we belong.  Even as we hone in on our crafts and begin to understand who we are, there are many obstacles on the path towards stepping into our authentic selves and trusting our intuition.  

Sometimes, when I find myself at a crossroads, I am lured towards the direction that makes the least amount of sense.  As someone who is committed to constantly raising my consciousness and celebrating the particular kinds of gifts, talents and stories that often get overlooked and buried by mainstream culture and social constructs, I can tell you that I don’t do this by myself because I can’t.  I do it with the support of other humans and non humans who reflect back to me what I have yet to re-member.  When I feel scene, I can uncover a world of possibility that may be lurking just below the surface.  Stepping out of my everyday routine and fostering my relationships in the natural world reminds me of our interconnectness, allowing me to return to my everyday life with a fresh layer of motivation to live more fully.

Its is an honor and privilege to be hosting this 4-Day Forest Bathing Immersion with my friend, teacher, and mentor, Annabel O’Neil.  This extraordinary human inspires me beyond measure with the way she leads with an open-heart and walks the walk of true reciprocity.  Join us for a retreat like no other, combining Forest Bathing, Soul Level Astrology, Tarot, and Star Bathing.  This experience is aimed to support you on your path of self discovery.