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If you were to recommend this experience to others, what would you say?

“I had the absolute pleasure of meeting with Tam for three sessions throughout the month of November. I was initially nervous and stressed about trying something new, but Tam helped me feel calm and collected right off the bat. Each session was extremely calming and eye opening. I learned so much about the benefits of being in nature and about myself! Tam creates an open space, where I genuinely felt that I could share/do anything without judgement. Tam is thoughtful, truly calming, and helpful beyond what I expected. After each session, Tam followed up with emails providing more information and suggested reading lists. The amount of effort and guidance that Tam provides is truly incredible. I feel excited to continue my journey in this practice, and I owe it all to Tam!”
-Taylor (1-1 Nature Connection Mentoring)

“Tam is a skillful, spacious and gentle facilitator of this work. She created an atmosphere of safety and trust which allowed people to speak openly and honestly about their experience. The time I spent on this walk was truly a time apart from my work and the pace of my life. I consider it a gift i gave myself.”

“I signed up for Forest Bathing on my first trip to the Arnold arboretum. The activity makes you see the forest in a  new way, and Tam was lovely and kind. I truly recommend Forest Bathing and will be signing up again in the future.”
– Diana, Geneva, Switzerland

‘Walking slowly in the wide forest with Tam, a relaxed and knowledgeable guide, opened my senses and brought out the peace waiting within.’
-Lea, Boston

“This was the safest and most joyful I have felt in a long time. Tam’s facilitation is confident, kind, grounded in authentic presence. I live with the effects of complex PTSD and often don’t have an easy time relaxing or connecting in group activities. The miraculous support of nature and the skillful guidance of Tam made it so that I was able to be fully present and engage in each activity in a way that felt healing and nourishing to my heart and body.”

“During the forest bathing walk with Tam, I felt like I was discovering an entirely new part of the world around me. The experience was one of peaceful calm and exploration.”
-Tyler, FL

“Tam was an amazingly clear and calm and wonderful leader and I thoroughly enjoyed my first Forest Bathing experience!  Not at all what I expected and would love to do it again!”
-Julie, Cape Cod

“I am a backpacking instructor for The Venture Out Project, an LGBTQ outdoor organization.  We had the incredible benefit of having Tam join us as an instructor on our Youth Trip trip and on our last day in the back country, she led us on a forest bathing walk.  I was unsure how our teenagers would respond, but because of her inherently calming and grounding nature, she captured all of our attention and then brought that attention deep into the ground in which we stood.  For the first time maybe ever, I really REALLY looked around in the forest in which I spend so much time.  I became apart of the woods.  I’m bringing this mindfulness now every time I go into the woods.”
-Travis, Portland, Oregon

“Tam created an atmosphere that made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, and  helped me slow down.   Because of the walk I slept better.”
-Sue, Boston

“This was such a delightful and profound experience. I expected to feel meditative (and I did!). I didn’t expect to feel so pleased that there was nothing to do but laugh, nor such a deep strain of sadness that tears sprang up. I’ve been to the the Arboretum a million times, but forest bathing with Tam revealed gorgeous surprises — both tiny and grand, and she created a sense of both community and solitude which I treasured. Notice all the opposites that come up in forest bathing! This is what Tam makes possible by creating space for all of these things — and more — to emerge. She has a quiet, modest, yet powerful presence that somehow manages to invite and welcome all the divergent aspects of all of us. The “forest” becomes everything — our muse, our mother, the composter, too, of all we shed. I feel so much gratitude for Tam, the forest, and this possibility of immersion!”
-Cynthia, Boston

“Tam created a safe, warm and welcoming space for my first experience of forest bathing. Her quiet, deep connection to the process helped me settle in to experiment with different ways of being with the environment…allowing me to interact with a well loved location, the Arnold Arboretum in Boston, in a completely new and different way.”
-Doris, Boston

“I was totally blown away by the forest bathing practice and by the wise and gentle compassion of our leader, Tam. From a very active, precisely timed, stress-filled morning of commuting and carpooling, I was quickly guided to a place of tranquility and wonder, where I remained for a good hour after the walk. “
-Marjorie, Boston